A comparison of the genuine and forged examples
of first issue stamps from selected countries

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Australian State, Western Australia Genuine« Back

1854 Western Australia, #1 vertical pair, Genuine

(1.) The two points of the "W" are cut off square at the bottom. (2.) The top limb of the first "E" in Western is much longer than the middle one. (3.) The center of the "O" of Postage is a pointed oval. (4.) The top of the first "A" of Australia broad and square. (5.) The "U" of Australia is rounded at the bottom. (6.) The bottom limb in the "E" of One is much longer than the top limb. (7.) The letter labels are not a solid color but have a white lattice work in them which can be seen between the letters, especially before the "P" of Postage where it appears as a "W" laid on its side. (8.) The first and last letters of Australia are very close to the ends of the label. (9.) "Swan" watermark. (10.) Exp: APS certificate. (11.) Notes: do (12.) Ref: Rev. Earee.