A comparison of the genuine and forged examples
of first issue stamps from selected countries

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German State, Brunswick Genuine« Back

1852 German State, Brunswick #1, Genuine

(1.) None of the letters in the upper or lower banners touch each other. (2.) There are 19 vertical lines of shading in the central oval to the left of the cross at the top of the crown. (3.) There are 17 lines to the right of the cross. (4.) Do not count the short line attached to the outline of the central oval at the left. (5.) Many of the vertical lines of shading in the genuine stamp are broken or not completely drawn. (6.) The piece of ground upon which the horse is standing does not touch the central oval at either end. (7.) The point of the horse's nose comes between the 6th and 7th lines from the left. (8.) The tail ends between the 1st and 2nd vertical lines on the right. (9.) There are 18 short vertical lines below the ground. (10.) The outline around the central oval has a double line from about the level of the horse's eyes, then clockwise over the top of the crown to the tip of the horse's tail. From there it is a solid line under the horse and back to the level of the eyes. (11.) Exp: APS certificate. Notes:do. Ref: Rev. Earee.

1852 German State, Brunswick #1, Genuine, 2nd example

(1.) All the notes for the stamp above apply to this example as well. (2.) Exp: APS certificate. Notes:do. Ref: Rev. Earee.