A comparison of the genuine and forged examples
of first issue stamps from selected countries

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Italian State, Sardinia Genuine« Back

1852 Printing, Italian State, Sardinia, Scott #1, Genuine

(1.) The King's hair seems to be coming out in patches. (2.) The eye is small. (3.) The beard hangs down to the top of the final "O" in Bollo. (4.) The "C"'s have square shoulders. (5.) There is a hyphen after "Poste" (6.) This printing passes without a period after the top "C". (7.) There is a period after the bottom "C". (8.) Pearls -- top 32, bottom 32, left 36, right 36. The corner pearls should be counted with both the horizontal and vertical rows except at the lower left, because there really is no pearl in the corner at the lower left. (9.) The little tail of the "Q" is slanted slightly to the right and points to the 19th pearl. (10). The right angle corner is complete at the upper left triangle. (11.) Scrolls at the upper left triangle touch each other. (12.) Exp: APS cert. 93095. Notes:do. Ref: Rev. Earee, R.Lana article in Linn's November 13, 1995.

1851 Printing, Italian State, Sardinia, Scott #1, Genuine

(1.) All notes are the same as the genuine stamp above. (2.) This printing has a period after the top "C" and after "05". (3.) Exp: Raybaudi cert.